GLS has grown a prestigious language school around the world

GLS has grown a prestigious language school around the world

Galway Language School programs have been thought especially for adults and children that wish to learn Spanish in an easy and fun way. Its courses support their students learning with proven methods, adapted to satisfy the different learning styles, and a wide range of resources such as videos, interactive presentations, webinars, chats and forums, projects, events, groups, quizzes.

GLS goal is to be the best language school in the world. Their teachers are qualified in teaching Spanish as a second language. They are experienced and work not only in GLS but in some of the most prestigious educational institutions around the world. The fun atmosphere allows its students to have an enjoyable experience at the same time they learn and develop new language skills. GLS has associated with Lipuo, a complete e-learning platform. Once the students sign up, they have access to all kind of content such as free lessons, registered courses, their schedule, events, tasks, projects, groups and webinars. All these resources give the student whole learning experience.  GLS approach believes that the necessary skills needed to learn a second language vary depending on your learning style.  Visual, spatial, aural (auditory), verbal (speech and writing) or physical learner, whatever your style is, their courses have included methodology and strategies that suit you. The courses gradual progression allows their students to develop basic skills, moving on later to more advanced ones. The students are challenged with problem-solving exercises, reflexive thinking and autonomous learning.

GLS has been opened for seven years and has grown a prestigious language school around the world, and its students have benefited greatly from its particular approach.

Ursula Cisa is the CEO. She is a Spanish native speaker who has been working in the education sector for 20 years and teaching Spanish as a second language for 15 years.

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Ursula Cisa

Spanish tutor, H.Dip.Ed. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

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