About Us

Galway Language School opened its doors for the first time in June 2014.

Our programs

Have been thought especially for adults and children that wish to learn Spanish in an easy and fun way.

The methods

Proven and adapted to satisfy the learning styles of all our students. A wide range of resources will support your learning.


Videos, interactive presentations, webinars, chats and forums, projects, events, groups, quizzes.

Our aim

Is to be the best language school in the world. In order to help achieve this, our teachers are fully qualified and experienced.

Be part of our fun atmosphere

What we want is for you to enjoy our fun atmosphere while at the same time learning new language skills and meeting new people.


The skills you need to learn a second language vary depending on your learning style. Our approach has taken this into account, whether you are a visual, spatial, aural (auditory), verbal (speech and writing) or physical learner, our courses will be perfect for you. The courses progress slowly giving you the opportunity to develop first basic skills and moving on to more advanced ones. To do so you will be challenged with problem-solving exercises, reflexive thinking and finally autonomous learning.

Why choose Galway Language School?

What we can offer at Galway Language School is a plan of studies suited to your needs. Our previous students have benefited greatly from this approach.

“To have another language is to possess a second soul”. – Charlemagne.

Spanish Online with a Tutor

Spanish for Children

Spanish Self-Study

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