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DIALANG is a diagnostic test. Its main purpose is to inform language learners about their level and about language learning. DIALANG should NOT be used for certification purposes.

DIALANG is a diagnostic test which gives you information about the strengths and weaknesses in your proficiency. DIALANG does not give you a certificate which you could use, for example, to apply for a job or entry to an educational institution. If you need such a certificate, you should take a language test offered by an officially recognized testing board either in your own country or abroad.

DIALANG may help you decide which examination you would be able to pass, or whether you need to study a language further before taking such a test.

DIALANG reports your level on a scale which divides language into 6 levels of proficiency, covering the full range of proficiency from beginner to very advanced. This makes DIALANG more suited to measuring long-term rather than short-term improvement (or decline). Note also that it is generally easier and quicker to progress from a lower level (e.g. A1 to A2) than from a higher level (e.g. B2 to C1).