Spanish for children

This Spanish course is intended for children between 7 and 16 years old.


  • Galway Language School has developed a course based on the latest tendencies for teaching and learning languages for children. Based on exercises that guarantee the students approach to the Spanish language in a playful and relaxed way through fun subjects: reading stories, learning songs and playing games.


  • The materials centre on the development of language and culture, through cheerful content and sequenced, according to the age and level of the child, promoting education in values.


  • Through the development of an active methodology, the goal of this course is for students to have motivated, active and creative learning.


  • The levels of the materials match the levels A1 and A2 of the CEFR.


  • In addition to the materials for the student, the teacher has a wide range of resources, which will help you throughout the course.

Spanish for Children


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